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Changing Patterns with Paul Jaffe

.Friday, May 16, 2014; Midnight - 2:00 AM EST


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Steps To Freedom with Paul Jaffe

Wednesday, July 24, 2013; 4:00-4:30 PM

Come join us in practicing ancient and modern tools for awakening, and exploring their applications in our 21st century lives.

Steps to Freedom holds weekly teachings, meditations and discussion.  We also plan to have dharma travel, in which we journey to places around the planet to open our minds and hearts to its wonders, both natural and cultural, as well as holding workshops and retreats.

Comments from Previous participants

about  Dissolving Delusion and Re-Visioning Your Life retreat

“... a very empowering and inspirational experience."    ~A.E., translator, Russia


"I've come to love that meditation and find it helpful and powerful.  I appreciate your bringing this fantastic tool. "     ~G.G., minister, Canada


You’ve let in the inspiration from the moment, which made the whole thing alive, breathing."     ~M.K., mother/meditation teacher, Russia


"Excellent—very systematic structure so that we could cover a lot of work in depth in a progressively more challenging way as the retreat unfolded."     ~P.B. retired businessman/organic farmer, England

And after returning home

"Many personal insights came from this course  and I am very appreciative of your time and energy in presenting it and facilitating that emerging. And then there is a big and liberating piece of work that is underway."     ~G.G., minister, Canada


"The life revision process started at the retreat has been definitely continuing.  I had many important realizations”    ~A.E., translator, Russia


I am having deep and rich experience, lots of good change flowing into my life. What is happening now wouldn't have been possible if I remained as I was all my life before. I am living from a much more loving flow"     ~M.K., mother/meditation teacher, Russia


Your business training experience informs your whole approach to the retreat content, which is much more clearly structured than anything I have attended in the past.     ~P.B. retired businessman/organic farmer, England



Weekly Meditation

Once a week for one and 1/2 hours we gather together for a talk, discussion and creative group meditation.

Explorations in Meditation & Liberation

Steps to Freedom