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What to Bring:

  • Your favorite cushion for sitting in meditation on the floor or in a chair.
  • A flat cushion, blanket or yoga mat to under your legs if you sit on the floor.
  • A notebook for journaling, something to write with.  Colored pencils, pastels if you are inclined to draw.
  • Please wear look comformable clothes.
  • Please retrain from wearing perfumes or fragrance.

Life Compass: Setting the Direction for Deep Transformation in One's Life

Learn the tools for finding calm, working with difficult situations, and generating creative new directions in one's life

This retreat will teach a step-by-step process to guide you to healthy new directions in key aspects of your life.  Effective tools will be taught for finding deep calm and generating new awareness.  You will revitalize yourself and learn to integrate the changes you want to make in your life.

First Part of Retreat

Focuses on an innovative approach to mindfulness meditation, designed to develop greater awareness and new perspectives, and give you the tools to maintain and cultivate this on your own.

Second Part of Retreat

Focuses on re-creating some important aspect of your life from this deeper understanding.  Finally we will work on concrete strategies for implementing the changes made, and establish accountability partners to help you stay on track with your new directions.

Namgyal Rinpoche

The Art of Meditation:  Transforming Your Inner Landscape

Open up creative movement in every area of your life.  This retreat will clarify the essential points of meditation and guide you to wholesome, inspired states of mind and transformative self-discovery.  By learning to cultivate deeper awareness and energetic stability, you will be able to systematically release unhealthy patterns, unleash your creative powers, and unfold your true gifts.

This retreat will focus on an innovative form of an ancient
meditation technique, designed to bring you to deep states of awareness quickly and give you a template for taking yourself there as well. 
The retreat can enhance the meditation practice for both beginning and well-established meditators.

Key themes for the workshop will include:

  • True meditation: Steps on the Path to Freedom
  • Hearing the messages of the body
  • Finding calm in the midst of a busy life
  • Taking control of your creative forces

Comments on Meditation with Paul Jaffe 

 “Amazing; Informational; Inspiring.  I have meditated for years, but until today I haven’t really understood the process.”   ~S.S., Reiki healer, Nyack, NY
"I've come to love that meditation and find it helpful and powerful.  I appreciate your bringing this fantastic tool."
~G.G., Minister, Canada
“The talks were enlightening. The retreat was wonderful and transformative.”
~ E.L.  Musician, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Westchester, NY

  "Paul's deep understanding and insightful presentation of traditional Buddhist meditations, along with his practical guidance, have led me to deep and transformative experiences."

        ~T. S., Garden Designer & Educator, Seattle

Comments on Life Re-Visioning Retreat  

  "This was a fantastic opportunity to spend time and receive teachings and training from Paul.  Paul is so loving, generous and knowledgeable.

     ~A.A., British Columbia 

  "My expectations were to learn more about awakening. My expectations were surpassed as I also learned a new form of exercise..I learned new meditation tools and I really enjoyed Paul's style of teaching. A very wonderful and profound weekend.

      ~M.C., British Columbia

  "They were more than fulfilled. I imagined a more silent simple sitting retreat with less instruction, more practice time without direction. However the direction and interaction with the teacher and group was wonderful, and it helped keep the mind and body busy without too much stress or difficulty… "

      ~C.C, Calgary, Alberta

  "Fantastic course. For anyone who wishes to discover more potential of the mind; Our perceptions and delusions and to learn to be more in the present moment, take a course with Paul he will surely help you further into your journey of life, discovery and letting go of the things that get in the way."

      ~T.B., Cranbrook, British Columbia

  "Paul's years of experience as a practitioner and teacher are evident in his interactions. His knowledge of dharma makes the classes engaging and full of depth. I recommend participating in one of his retreats if you are serious about studying dharma."

     ~M. Smith, Cranbrook, British Columbia

  "Very gentle yet effective introduction and advanced approach to meditation."

     ~A.B., Calgary, Alberta

  "This course introduced me to the anapanasati and I find this practice so brilliant and profound. I felt I just scratched the tip of an iceberg, imagining what could have happen after 10 days of that kind of work. I also liked Paul's guidance voice throughout the meditation, which helped me to gain concentration and focus on the breath and each step of the anapanasati practice."

     ~M.L., Calgary, Alberta

Both retreats are offered periodically.  If interested in attending or sponsoring a retreat, please use the contact tab to inform us.  Please monitor this site for dates and times for scheduled retreats.

Both retreats offer an innovative introduction to the Buddha's classical Minfulness of Breathing Meditation, a profound teaching which guides one from sitting down and noticing the breath to full awakening.

Explorations in Meditation & Liberation

The foundation of the spiritual life is characterized by the processes of purification, redirection of negative tendencies into positive states of compassion, and the establishment of the mind in bliss, clarity and non-clinging.  

In this retreat we will be using meditation on Vajrasattva, a central method in the Tantric Buddhist tradition to open and explore new experiences of essential awareness. In Tantric Buddhism deities embody different qualities of the mind that is awake to reality moment-by-moment.  Vajrasattva, is considered the deity who includes all other deities in the way that clear light contains all the colors of the rainbow, and is associated with the self-existing wakefulness that is the core of all our other awareness. 

This retreat will offer instruction and guidance in the essentials of the tantric path which is sometimes known as the "resultant vehicle."  By taking the result of the ultimate end of the practice, and bringing it forward into our experience in the  present moment, we have the opportunity to move our spiritual development ahead quickly.  This path offers a wide and flexible view and which is conducive to the integration of the transcendent experience into the activities of body, speech and mind in everyday life.  It also offers the potential to use every experience in life as an opportunity for direct transcendence. 

We will conclude the retreat with a discussion of our experiences and how we can cultivate states of calm and clarity in our daily lives, including the power of practicing together, and building a supportive community based on the principles of wisdom and compassion.

Location: The retreat will be held at a beautiful Allison House Retreat Facility at the Stony Point Center in Stony Point, NY.   Cost of the Retreat is $250 for food, lodging and expenses.  This does not cover any donation for the teachings.  A donation of $25-100 per day is suggested, though more or less will be gratefully accepted. 

Open to people of all levels of experience.  The theory and practices will be taught in a way that , provides simplicity for beginners and depth for experienced practitioners.

Vajrasattva Retreat Payment in Full

Steps to Freedom