Explorations in Meditation & Liberation

Steps to Freedom

“I am so grateful in every cell of my body that you opened up a way to see things differently. You showed me the way to the option to observe things, to jump one layer above, and not being totally caught up by my own head-dramas.  I feel a huge refreshment of being able to understand what is important and what not. “

                                  ~C.D., Hokkaido, Japan

Personal REtreat Guidance

For those wishing to have private retreat guidance in order to do deep personal in a private setting.  Please contact with inquiries.

Reconnective Healing

See  www.ConnectToHealing.com

Integrated Spiritual Coaching

Integrated Spiritual Coaching is for those who would like to work together one-to-one to change deep patterning, develop insight, and move in healthy new directions that can truly meet their inner and outer goals, nurture their spiritual practice, and integrate their spiritual path with their everyday life.

Retreats & Workshops

Week long retreats and one-day workshops on Meditation  or Meditation and Life Re-vision are offered periodically.

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Meditation INstruction

Class Thursday Nights (See Schedule page)

Private instruction by arrangement (Use contact page)